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Security Plus Academy’s innovation and dedication to transforming and developing the Security industry in Malaysia, and South East Asia is what gives us the passion to provide the best learning experience for our students. We aim to push the boundaries of the industry, in areas such as Security Technology, CCTV Surveillance Analysis, Emergency Response, Security Investigation and ensure that our students will become the leaders that will lead this global change in a demand for better and professional Security and Protection Advisors.

Recognised as the first TVET center in Malaysia to focus in Security Programs, Security Plus Academy (SPA) has impacted the education sector with a delivery of high quality training, with a focus of providing world class facilities,  which are lab based and field based focus,  qualified trainers, approved qualification and a focus to develop students who will be the leaders in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

You can do it, and We can Do It! What are you waiting for and let us here at Security Plus Academy (SPA) develop your future now!

Alexander David Pon

Chief Executive Officer

Security Plus Academy (SPA) is dedicated in innovating and transforming the Defense and Security industry in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

As the first TVET Center in Malaysia focusing on security programs, SPA has made a significant impact on the education sector. We deliver high-quality training and provide world-class facilities. Our lab-based and field-based training, led by qualified trainers and industry experts, are focus to develop students who will become industry specialist.

Our commitment drives us to create the best learning environment for our students. We strive to push the boundaries of education in areas such as Security Technology, CCTV Surveillance Analysis, Emergency Response, Security Investigation, and Disaster Management. Our goal is to cultivate leaders who will spearhead global change, meeting the demand for skilled and professional Defense, Security, and Protection Advisors.

Anand Pon


What makes a great college? It is not just about us helping the students to get good grades, but about creating open minds, inquiring minds that want to find out more, and learn more. It is also how we nurture the character of ours students, to make them industry savvy. Make them brave, give them courage so that when they go out into the workplace, they can contribute to it and to the country.

One thing that I focus very much in this college is to have very good lecturers, because great lecturers will create great students. Finally I would like to thank all my lecturers and all my supporting staff for helping me to build this college, and helping to build great students.

I would like to end by saying this, we have been given this responsibility to train young people, but even more important. I consider this a great privilege for me, my staff, my lecturers and my board of directors to be given this opportunity to train young people so that they are going to be great leaders.

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