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Importance and Classification of Electronic Security System

Electronic security system refers to any electronic equipment that could perform security operations like surveillance, access control, alarming or an intrusion control to a facility or an area which uses a power from mains and also a power backup like battery etc. It also includes some of the operations such as electrical, mechanical gear. Determination of a type of security system is purely based on area to be protected and its threats.

Role of Electronic Security System:

Electronic security relates to leveraging innovation in defensive holding by anticipating unapproved access to individuals and property. The government is a universal and major customer of such security administrations and business sections also utilizes the security systems for their workers for giving security. These days, one can witness their usage in range like domestic application and small stores moreover.

The electronic security systems extensively comprises of alarms, access controls and CCTVs (close-circuit televisions), which are prominently and broadly utilized. CCTVs have picked up additional significance from all of these products.

Importance of Electronic Security System:

The electronic security systems are broadly utilized within corporate work places, commercial places, shopping centers and etc. These systems are also used in railway stations, public places and etc. The systems have profoundly welcomed, since it might be worked from a remote zone. And these systems are also utilized as access control systems, fire recognition and avoidance systems and attendance record systems. As we are know that the crime rates are increasing day by day so most of the people are usually not feeling comfort until they provide a sure for their security either it may be at office or home.  So we should choose a better electronic system for securing purpose.

Classification of Electronic Security System:

Classification of security system can be done in different ways based on functioning and technology usage, conditions of necessity accordingly. Based on functioning categorizing electronic security system as follows:

CCTV Surveillance Systems:

It is the process of watching over a facility which is under suspicion or area to be secured; main part of the surveillance electronic security system consists of camera or CCTV cameras which forms as eyes to surveillance system. System consists of different kinds of equipment which helps in visualizing and saving of recorded surveillance data. The close-circuits IP cameras and CCTVS transfers image information to a remote access place. The main feature of this system is that, it can use any place where we watch the human being actions. Some of the CCTV surveillance systems are cameras, network equipments, IP cameras and monitors. In this system, we can detect the crime through the camera, the alarm rings after receiving the signal from the cameras which are connected CCTV system; to concern on the detection of interruption or suspicion occurrence on a protected area or capability, the complete operation is based on the CCTV surveillance system through internet. The figure below is representing the CCTV Surveillance Systems.

CCTV Surveillance System
CCTV Surveillance System
  • IP Surveillance System:

The IP-Surveillance system is designed for security purpose, which gives clients capability to control and record video/audio using an IP PC system/network, for instance, a LAN or the internet. In a simple way, the IP-Surveillance system includes the utilization of a system Polaroid system switch, a computer for review, supervising and saving video/audio, which shown in figure below.

In an IP-Surveillance system, a digitized video/audio streams might be sent to any area even as far and wide as possible if wanted by means of a wired or remote IP system, empowering video controlling and recording from anyplace with system/network access.

IP Surveillance Network
IP Surveillance Network

Fire Detection and Alarming Systems:

It can also referred as a detection and alarming system as it gives an alarming alert to concern on detection of interruption or suspicion happening on a protected area or facility. System generally consists of detector using a sensor followed by an alarm or an alerting circuit. The main function of this system is to rapidly extinguish an advancing fire and alarm tenants preceding impressive harm happens by filling the secured zone with a gas or concoction smothering operator. Different types of sensors are available for detection but usage of sensor is purely based on application requirement, like home automation, ware house fire detection, intrusion alert etc.

Fire Detection and Alarming system
Fire Detection and Alarming system

Attendance and Access Control Systems:

System which provides a secured access to a facility or another system to enter or control it can be called as an access control system. It can also act as attendance providing system which can play a dual role. According to user credentials and possessions access control system is classified, what a user uses for access makes system different, user can provide different types like pin credentials, biometrics or smart card. System can even use all possessions from user for a multiple access controls involved.  Some of the attendance and access control systems are:

  • Access Control System

Access Control System

  • RF based access control and attendance system:
Finger Print Attendance-Access Control System
Finger Print Attendance-Access Control System
RF based Card access control and attendance system
RF based Card access control and attendance system

Applications of Electronic Security System:

Electronic security system extends its applications in various fields like home automation, Residential (homes and apartments), commercial (offices, banks lockers), industrial, medical, and transportations. Some of the applications using electronic security system are electronic security system for railway compartment, electronic eye with security, electronic voting system are the most commonly used electronic security system.

One of the examples related to electronic security system:

 From the block diagram, the system is mainly designed based on Electronic eye (LDR sensor); we use this kind of systems in bank lockers, jewelry shops. When the cash box is closed, the neither buzzer nor the binary counter/divider indicates that box is closed. If anyone tries to open the locker door then automatically a light falls on the LDR sensor then the resistance decreases slowly this cause buzzer to alert the customer. This process continues until the box is closed.

Electronic Eye Controlled Security System
Electronic Eye Controlled Security System by Edgefx Kits

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