You are currently viewing LAWS OF MALAYSIA (ARMS ACT 1960)


  1. There are two acts that control possession of guns: The Arms Act (1960) and The Firearms (Increased Penalties) Act (1971)
    1. The Arms Act states that applicants need a license for everything relating to guns: from manufacturing, import, export, repairs, to actually having it in their hands.
  2. A gun license can only be granted by the Chief Police Officer of the State, albeit an exception for the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. 
    1. Consideration in granting a license include: a good reason for having the firearm, public safety, and public interest.

3) There are some exceptions for those needing a license: licensed arms dealers and repairers, members of the armed forces, vessel armament, auctioneers and authorized shooting gallery operators. However, for most of these exceptions, applicants must still obtain a written permit to handle a gun.

 4) The Firearms Act relates to crimes committed with a gun, such as extortion, robbery, resisting arrest, and house-breaking. The punishment for discharging firearms and as an accomplice in committing such crimes is the death penalty.

5) If you exhibit the firearm for any of the scheduled offence (without discharging) the punishment would be imprisonment for life and with whipping with not less than six strokes. For a possession of unlawful firearms, offenders could face up to fourteen years of prison, plus whipping.


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