What is SLDN?

SLDN stands for National Dual Training System, ‘Dual’ means training in two learning situations namely:

⇒ Actual work tempt (company) covering 70% to 80% practical training (performance) Training center which covers 20% to 30% of learning theory (knowledge).

The main objectives of SLDN:

To produce knowledge workers (K-Workers) i.e. employees who own three elements of competence, namely:
> Technical
> Social & Humanities
> Methodology & Learning

SLDN Assessment:

> Verification of SLDN Assessment Records
> Log book review
> Final Examination Implementation
> Final Project Presentation

SLDN Certification & Advantages:


> Awarded to an apprentice successfully completed training with successfully according to the registered level.

What is PPT?

Who’s Eligible Recognized?

> Known as Accreditation Achievements
> Aims to give recognition to employees skilled in the country

Who Can Apply?

> All industrial workers from service sector and manufacturing that meets requirement.

What Are The Fields That Can Certified Through PPT?

> The application is open to all areas that listed in the Standard Occupational Skills National (SKPK) / National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS)